About Us

TimeZone Automobile Detailing is run by a team of detailing experts that are passionate about their craft and the ten-plus years of satisfied customers are a testament to the company’s quality of work.

Who We Are?

TimeZone Automobile Detailing was founded in 2009 by professional auto detailers who wanted to create a company that offered great auto detailing prices with quality worth every penny. Since then, the company has grown and now boasts a comprehensive catalog of services that offer clients everything they would need from a service like TimeZone Automobile Detailing. The company believes that communication of expectations and requirements is the key principle on which one builds relationships with clients.

The services offered by TimeZone are carefully curated into packages and offers to ensure that we are able to target a wide cross-section of car enthusiasts. There is no car or challenge regarding detailing that we have not conquered and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We are a group of passionate people who want cars to look their absolute best.

our team

TimeZone Automobile Detailing’s team is a group of car enthusiasts who have a passion for ensuring that cars continue to look good for a long time. It is why everyone in our team, from the owners to the garage technicians everyone is well-versed with the current techniques. Theycontinuously work towards keeping themselves updated with what is new in the world of car detailing. Our team is built around the principles of quality of service, efficiency, and a commitment to customer-centric practices.


Founder & CEO

TimzeZone Automobile Detailing started as a passion, and before I knew it, we had a long list of satisfied clients who loved our services. With over a decade of experience in automotive detailing, our vision is to become the go-to car detailing service provider in Michigan. We have perfected our services and packages over time and offer the best rates. As we expand, we are delighted to provide new job opportunities, especially for the youth.


Detailing Technician

I have been with TimeZone since the service started officially. I’ve been a car enthusiast since a young age and know every model’s specifications in and out. My expertise lies in detailing services for sedans and hatchbacks. I am well-versed in car washing, leather treatment, and stain removals with a drill brush. Your car will be back with you in no time, looking as good as new!


Detailing Expert

My passion for cars turned into a career when I joined TimeZone Automobile Detailing. I am a certified detailing expert, having worked on several car models. I have over seven years of car detailing experience. We emphasize detail-oriented and customized services. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to making your car look and smell new.

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